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Global week of action to end tax haven secrecy

Clare and Luke from Christian Aid's campaign team outside the Mexican embassy By Luke Harman | 1 June 2012

People are coming together all around the world this week to take a stand against the veil of secrecy that protects tax havens.

From Brazil to the Philippines, Spain to Mozambique, citizens are joining the campaign for transparency and accountability in the global tax system.

They are calling on our leaders to take strong action to stop the practice of tax dodging.

This week is the global week of action to end tax haven secrecy.

Next month's G20 meeting

Later this month, leaders of 20 major world economies (the G20) are meeting in Mexico, largely to discuss global financial affairs. In the run up to this, almost 18,000 of you have asked the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to use this opportunity to take a lead on tackling tax dodging.

Today Christian Aid campaigners headed into London to deliver letters to the embassies of key G20 countries including the US, Brazil and Mexico, asking them to deliver progress in ending tax haven secrecy. 

Why is tax accountability so important?

The lack of transparency in tax havens allows some unscrupulous companies to dodge an estimated $160bn in taxes each year in developing countries - much more than the annual global aid budget.

If developing countries could recover the revenues they are currently losing, they could fund essential services such as health and education and lift their citizens out of poverty without relying on aid.


Make sure the world's poorest are heard at the G20

Act now With just a few weeks left until the G20 meeting, now is the crucial time to take action.

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Luke Harman

Luke Harman is Christian Aid's churches campaigns officer.

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