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1 July 2014

It’s been a busy month since the last fast for the climate. There are lots of reasons to be hopeful, but also many reasons to remain steadfast in our demands for action for the climate.

Fasting movement grows

Christian leaders in France united to launch the Fast for the Climate initiative with a press conference that included Yeb Saño.

Nicolas Hulot, Special Envoy to the President of France for the Protection of the Planet, said: ‘Nothing is more important than climate change.

'Climate change is the worst threat, but maybe also the best opportunity for humanity to be together.’

Let’s pray that the launch increases the willingness to act for justice in France and across Europe.

One million ways

One Million Ways inside a red and orange design The fast on the first of every month is just one of the ways we’re showing our determination to see a world free from dangerous climate change.

This month we’re excited to launch a range of other resources to support action and increase pressure on leaders to act.

All our actions, big and small, make a difference - so do get involved in the new campaign.

Update from the UN

Work towards a new global climate deal was in the spotlight at the UN climate negotiations in Bonn in early June.

The pathway was laid out for a new agreement to be drafted – we pray that this will be ambitious and fair when it is signed in 2015 in Paris. 

Good news! In Bonn, 60 countries supported the scaling up of renewable energy and a long-term goal to phase out carbon pollution completely. China, the US and the EU are also signalling that they will come up with carbon reduction targets later this year.

Not so good: Australia and Canada are still protecting their fossil fuel interests.

By fasting you are standing with people whose lives and livelihoods are already affected by climate change.

Share your story about fasting; get in touch with us via campaigns@christian-aid.org or use #FastForTheClimate on Twitter. 

A prayer for this month’s fast

Sustain me today as I fast.
Be with those who do not know when their hunger will end, and all those who are worried about tomorrow.
May my fast remind me to act justly for a world without climate change;
to love mercy and support those who are already suffering;
and to walk humbly with God and in solidarity with those whose voices it may be easier to ignore.

This blog post is part of a series for the monthly fast for the climate. Find out more.  

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