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Good news on EU tax transparency

By Alasdair Roxburgh | 5 July 2012

Hot on the heels of our recent climate justice victory we've news of more campaign success, this time from our Trace the Tax campaign.

Flags outside the European Parliament -- Pic: Franky DeMeyer You may recall that in March we asked you to call on your MEPs to strengthen proposed EU transparency laws.

Specifically, we pressed for laws that would require European oil, gas and mining companies to publish a set of accounts for each country they operate in.

This would be a really important step in tackling tax dodging. It would make companies’ finances more transparent, which is vital for poor countries to make sure they are paid the right amount of tax.

Your response was fantastic

In all you sent more than 8,800 emails, prompting one MEP to tell us that there had been ‘unprecedented’ levels of interest from the public on the issue.

And we were delighted to see that MEPs have made sure that the wording needed to strengthen these draft laws has been put into the proposals.

This is fantastic news and a great step forward.

There are still hurdles to overcome before the laws come into effect, so we have to remain vigilant and active. But thanks to your efforts we are in a really strong position going into the coming months.

We’ll keep you updated on progress.

We're not taking our foot off the pedal!

Tax dodging is a big issue now.

Christian Aid has revealed the terrible impact it has on developing countries, while the effects of austerity and financial crisis at home have made tax frontpage news.

That's why Christian Aid is teaming up with UK poverty campaigners, Church Action on Poverty and taking our tax justice message out on the roads of Britain and Ireland.

Join usOur Tax Justice Tour starts in August. Find out where your closest stop is, and get involved.


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