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'How do I get the emails to stop?'

By Alasdair Roxburgh | 19 July 2010

Yesterday, I picked up the phone to a woman who without introducing herself asked 'How do I get the emails to stop?'

It turned out that she works for one of the FTSE100 companies and she’d been receiving thousands of emails from our supporters, asking her to fill in Christian Aid’s survey on tax and development.

As soon as I realised who she was, I told her that it was really easy to make the emails go away. All she had to do was arrange for her company to fill in the survey.

So we sent the survey to her again and are now awaiting the company’s reaction to it.

All this goes to show that supporters’ emails are clearly being noticed by the companies.

These are some of the biggest, most powerful companies in the world and you’re getting them to engage in a discussion with us about one of the most important issues for developing countries.

Thanks to all our campaigners for their hard work – and please keep going.

 About the author

Alasdair Roxburgh

Alasdair Roxburgh is our churches campaigns manager