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If campaign launches

By Luke Harman | 25 January 2013 

On Wednesday night I found myself among the crowd gathered at Somerset House, London to witness the launch of the ENOUGH FOOD FOR EVERYONE – IF campaign; the biggest campaign ever to tackle global hunger and the largest of its kind since Make Poverty History.

A number of high-profile speakers have endorsed the campaign, including actor Bill Nighy, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and TV presenter Lauren Laverne.

It wasn’t their profile that was exciting and engaging. It was their message and their passion.

The simple message is that there is enough food for everyone and that we CAN end global hunger.

In a rousing speech, Bill Nighy reminded us that many things in the past have seemed unbeatable: the abolition of slavery or the ending of apartheid. But they DID happen.

Similarly, ending hunger may seem too big or too far away for us to do anything about. But I truly believe we can see an end to hunger, and we can be the generation to do this.

Desmond Tutu standing at a microphone

Archbishop Desmond Tutu – who has also endorsed the campaign - said:

  • Hunger is not an incurable disease or an unavoidable tragedy. We can make sure no child goes to bed hungry. We can stop mothers from starving themselves to feed their families. We can save lives. We can make hunger a thing of the past IF we act now.'

Why hunger and why now?

Hunger is the world's most shocking problem and our toughest challenge. One in eight people on this planet lives with the pain of hunger.

And yet our planet provides enough food for everyone. It's unfair, it's unjust - and it's totally preventable.

In 2013 the UK hosts the G8 summit of world leaders and has a unique opportunity to start to change things, by tackling some of the causes of hunger. We call these the four big IFs.

Throughout the year there’ll be numerous chances to get involved in the campaign. I urge you to start by watching this short animation and adding your name to the campaign.

In February and March we’ll be lobbying MPs across the country to make sure George Osborne takes measures in the UK Budget to address hunger.

Then in June, as David Cameron hosts the G8, we will join together en masse to demand the world’s most powerful political figures take action.

To make IF a reality, please join us.


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Luke Harman

Luke Harman is Christian Aid's churches campaigns officer.

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