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New airport proposal could see 'greenest government ever' pledge go up in smoke

By Clare Groves | 20 January 2012

On Tuesday, the government announced that it will hold a consultation into a possible new airport in the Thames estuary. It is hard to square David Cameron's government even contemplating this with his promise to lead the ‘greenest government ever’.

FlightsJust a few hours’ flight from the proposed new airport hub, people in developing countries are already feeling the impacts of climate change caused by rich countries’ carbon emissions.

The UK introduced the world leading climate change act and must live up to its obligations to cut emissions.

And let’s be clear, this proposed new airport would massively increase the UK’s carbon emissions.

Aviation is already responsible for more than a fifth of the UK transport sector’s greenhouse gas emissions. An airport accommodating 180 million passengers each year at so-called 'Boris Island' - as it was proposed by London mayor Boris Johnson - would be much larger than any airport in operation in the world today.

This proposal comes at a time when action on climate change is needed more urgently than ever.

To let this scheme go ahead would effectively be the death knell for the government's promise to be the greenest ever, and would undermine any claims the UK might have as a world leader against climate  change.

That’s why, along with our allies in the Stop Climate Chaos coalition, we’ll be opposing it every step of the way. Watch this space.

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