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Why Andrew Mitchell?

By Sarah Whittington | 26 January 2011

We’ve established why our new climate campaign is targeting the World Bank. So where does Andrew Mitchell fit in to all of this?

Well, to start with not only is he the secretary of state for international development, but he’s also a governor at the World Bank and therefore has a significant role in setting its agenda.

Andrew Mitchell at 20 October Supporter DayHowever, he has also made remarks that we find quite encouraging.

At a speech given at the Overseas Development Institute in November 2009, before the coalition government was in power, Mitchell said:

‘There is much that we can do to help promote low-carbon growth, and to help spread new technologies. But we should 'first do no harm'.’

He added: ‘We need to ensure that our entire approach to development is consistent with our commitment to environmental sustainability. That is the best way to help people in the world's poorest countries protect themselves against future floods, famine and drought.’

Then, on the day we launched our campaign to get the World Bank out of fossil fuels, a DFID statement read: ‘[Mitchell] expects organisations such as the World Bank to pioneer innovative approaches in response to climate change and to support a shift to climate-smart investment and lending.’

Based on this, we are hopeful that he will be supportive of our campaign.

That's why we're asking you to ask him to put pressure on the World Bank as it reviews its energy policy to:

  • phase out support and investment for fossil fuels

  • stimulate low carbon development and access to energy for the poor

Of course, our campaign is also another test of the government's claim to be the 'greenest government ever'.


Take action

Act now! Email Andrew Mitchell and urge him to help get the World Bank out of fossil fuels.

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World Bank fossil fuel loans are paying for poverty. Tell them to stop.

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