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Pray while you Fast for the Climate

Pray and Fast for the Climate

Suggested prayer points to use while you Fast for the Climate this month.

Pray and fast

Reflections on climate change from Bolivia

A woman stands in front of a mountain range in Bolivia

Short-term fixes aren't enough - we must campaign against climate change, says Elizabeth Peredo Beltran.

Global emergency

Citizen power

Ekta Parishad director PV Rajagopal

In the run-up to the UK general election, be inspired to act by our brothers and sisters across the world who are campaigning to change their lives.

Social movements

Making no sense if God doesn’t exist

Candles in a cross shape

This month’s fast for the climate post comes via the blog of Dr Ruth Valerio - a community activist, Christian, academic, eco-warrior, mum, author, mum and veg grower.

Pray and fast

A visit to Ethiopia brings home why we must tackle climate change

Landscape in Ethiopia showing the effects of climate change

We must all take action to combat climate change - we owe it to those who suffer the consequences of our lifestyles.


Faith and politics: a match made in heaven?

Faith in politics

Join us this February to explore how faith and politics are connected and how we can use them together to create positive change.

Join us

Join our tax and climate campaigns in 2015

One Million Ways inside a red and orange design

We need your support to achieve our campaign aims! Find out how to get involved.

Join us

Campaigns round-up 2014

Campaigners taking part in the climate march in London

14 December 2014: Worldwide climate and tax movements are going from strength to strength, but we need to keep up the pressure in 2015.

A year of campaigning

A look back at COP20

Campaign stunt involving chocolate coins

Despite pressure from climate campaigners, UN talks in Peru ended without much real progress having been made. Now we must step up the pressure on world leaders to act in December 2015.

Climate change

Our climate finance chants have been heard in Lima

Deliver climate finance

Our campaigners have been in full swing at the UN climate talks in Peru. We are calling on world leaders to take bold action on climate change as part of our international campaign.

Funding for the poor

COP20 - calling for a fair and ambitious global climate deal

People gather for the Fast for the Climate vigil

As the UN climate talks begin in Lima, we outline what we hope to achieve to help the world's poorest deal with the effects of climate change.

Ambitious deal

British Overseas Territories must stop tax secrecy

Overseas Territories Tax Stunt

While the UK Government is in the process of creating a public register of company ownership, the British Overseas Territories are yet to follow suit.

Stop tax dodging

Fasting not feasting

A woman holding a sign which says 'We #fast for the climate'

This month marks a year since the fast for the climate movement was born. Claire Jones reflects on what helps her beat the hunger pangs each time.

A poignant anniversary

STOP this masquerade! STOP tax dodging!

Tax campaigners holding banners

14 November 2014: Support our efforts to introduce public registers of the beneficial owners of companies in the EU.

Tax justice across Europe

Our faith for the climate

A woman holding a sign which says 'We #fast for the climate'

Words of encouragement as you fast - plus a special service on 1 November launches the Pray and Fast for the Climate movement.

A crucial year

Solidarity to fight climate change

Voltaire Alferez

20 October 2014: Voltaire Alferez, environmental campaigner from the Philippines, reflects on the Hunger for Justice weekend.

A battle we will win

Fast for the climate: marching towards hope

Activists holding Fast for the Climate banners

1 October 2014: What a month for global action on climate change! On 21 September we were part of the world’s largest ever climate march. Pray and fast with us this month.

Pray and fast with us

We marched, they listened

Campaigners taking part in the climate march in London

24 September 2014: Thousands of people took part in a global march last weekend, demanding action on climate change. We look back on the event and tell you how you can keep up the pressure on politicians in coming weeks.

Political priority

We must ensure the next government prioritises tax dodging

People standing outside the Tax Bus holding I Ticked for Tax Justice placards

17 September 2014: With a general election coming up next year we have an opportunity to ensure it focuses on who can do the most to make the richest pay their fair share of tax.

New tax bill

10,000 and counting

10k spelled out in action cards

September 2014: Join us in a weekend of prayer and action on 18-19 October and put pressure on all political parties to commit to tackling climate change.

Hunger for Justice

Tax justice – in it for the long haul

Russian dolls

Your campaigning on tax issues is making a huge difference. We take a look at how far we've come together and outline the work still to do to make sure tax dodgers have nowhere to hide.

Making progress

Gaza crisis – UK government responds to your call

Scenes of devastation in Gaza

4 September 2014: Thanks to the 9,000 of you who took our urgent action to demand a ceasefire in Gaza. We've had a promising response from the government, but we need to make sure their words are turned into reality.

Next steps

Climate Summit in New York

A woman holding a sign which says 'We #fast for the climate'

September 2014: This month, as well as fasting, we're asking you to join with others across the globe writing to our leaders to demand action at the Climate Summit in New York.

Fast for the climate

Keeping to our climate commitments

A woman holding a sign which says 'We #fast for the climate'

1 August 2014: Good news since our last fast, but we need to make sure the government keeps to its climate commitments.

Good news

Bella’s getting involved in Hunger for Justice


4 July 2014: Volunteer Bella explains why she's so excited to be part of the global movement to tackle climate change, and asks you to join her.

Get involved

Discover our new climate change resources

A woman holding a sign which says 'We #fast for the climate'

1 July 2014: An update on positive developments in the pursuit of climate justice, plus some new resources to increase pressure on leaders to act.

Demand action

STOP tax dodging and STOP dithering!

STOP Tax Dodging EU campaign

20 June 2014: George Osborne needs to show leadership at the EU meeting in Luxembourg to convince other EU governments to create public registers of companies and trusts.

Tax matters

Why I fast for the climate every month

A woman holding a sign which says 'We #fast for the climate'

12 June 2014: Sarah Rowe talks about her experience of fasting for the climate, its spiritual significance and the impact it could have politically if more people join in the movement.

An act of solidarity


People standing next to Russian dolls, holding placards protesting against tax dodging

9 June 2014: our new report highlights just how important it is for the global tax system to become more transparent.

Action needed

May climate fast prayer

Coconut trees devastated by Typhoon Haiyan

1 May 2014: Read our prayer for this month’s fast.

Pray with us

What's tax dodging got to do with the EU?

STOP Tax Dodging EU campaign

28 April 2014: Recently, MEPs have made great efforts to tackle tax dodging. They must now push for even more financial transparency, and ensure that EU governments play their part.

Tax matters

What’s climate change got to do with the EU?

Climate justice now

16 April 2014: MEPs can put pressure on European Union member states to set ambitious targets for cutting carbon - but they need you to tell them it matters.

Setting an example

Why bother with the European elections?


8 April 2014: Explaining the importance of the European Union elections and how they can help shape the eradication of poverty.

The EU - Legally obliged to end poverty?

Why we must campaign for a greener future

Become a Christian Aid campaigner

27 March 2014: Supporter Jo Chamberlain tells us why she campaigns for Christian Aid and considers how we can have a greener future by making sure our pensions and shares are invested responsibly.

Investing responsibly

Tackling tax secrecy on the continent

Flags outside the European Parliament -- Pic: Franky DeMeyer

24 February 2014: a new Act proposed by the European Parliament could help tackle all forms of money laundering - including tax dodging.

Phantom firms progress

Stick with Foncho this Fairtrade Fortnight

Foncho, a banana farmer from Colombia

21 February 2014: Foncho, a banana farmer from Colombia, works hard to provide for his family. While his produce is sold at a fair price, others are losing out. Stand up with Foncho to make bananas fair.

Stick with Foncho

New OECD tax proposals ignore the poor

Two people shaking hands in a darkened room

19 February 2014: Despite promises to help developing countries collect taxes owed, rich nations are now in danger of acting like an elitist members club, ignoring the poor, who can’t afford the entrance fee.

Reforms benefit rich

Synod takes a stand on climate change

Flooding in Kenya

13 February 2014: The Church of England General Synod has agreed to strengthen its position on climate change and create a Working Group on the Environment.

Protecting the planet

Ask Cameron and Clegg for climate action in Europe

Boy sits in the desert

We need Europe to get serious about climate change, and now! The coming weeks are a crucial time for tackling climate change.

Act now

Ed Davey MP responds to your climate campaign messages

Edward Davey MP

10 January 2014 - The Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change provides a detailed response to Christian Aid campaigners.

Global issue

A moving message from Yeb Saño

Yeb Sano among a crowd of people

9 January 2014 - Yeb Saño writes a heartfelt letter to thank Christian Aid supporters for fasting and praying for climate action.

Gratitude for your support

Tackling climate change – what next?

People carrying climate justice placards

Vote for the campaign you think has the most potential to bring about lasting change in the climate justice debate.

Vote now

Campaigns round-up 2013: elephants, Russian dolls and action for the world's poor

Calling on George Osborne to tackle the elephant in the room – the UK tax havens.

9 December 2013 - This year tens of thousands of you joined the IF campaign rallies, lobbied your MPs and prayed for tax and climate justice. Together, we’ve achieved some amazing things in 2013. Thank you.

Campaigns round-up

COP 19: it's time for climate justice

COP 19 campaigners ask 'Where is the finance?'

The United Nations climate talks may have dented our hopes, but I was overwhelmed by the sense of solidarity and desire for action.

Climate justice

Fasting for climate change progress

Yeb Sano among a crowd of people

18 November 2013 - Frances Witt reports from Warsaw, where the COP 19 climate talks are happening, about how fasting could help progress climate negotiations.

Influencing climate agenda

STOP Tax Dodging – campaigning across Europe

STOP Tax Dodging EU campaign

6 November 2013 - Frances Witt explains Christian Aid's new initiative to unite voices across Europe that have a desire to see an end to tax dodging.

Tax justice across Europe

Public register success shines spotlight on tax dodgers

Christian Aid campaigners with Vince Cable MP

31 October 2013 - Luke Harman reflects on the beneficial ownership campaign win. Thanks to more than 17,000 of our supporters, a public register of phantom firms has been approved.

Campaign success

Take action: put the brakes on fracking

Stop fracking: no drill no spill

October 2013 - Our government pledged to be 'the greenest ever', but David Cameron is supporting fracking - entrenching our dependence on fossil fuels. We need clean energy now!

Clean energy now

The UK Gold film tour

Father William Taylor

17 September 2013 - Christian Aid has joined forces with Oxfam and Action Aid to organise a nationwide tour of The UK Gold, a film about tax injustice. Find out if there's a screening near you.


World Bank says no to dirty coal projects

World Bank fossil fuel protest

12 September 2013 - New World Bank announcement signals a move away from funding dirty fossil fuel projects in developing countries.

Fossil fuels

Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign: what did we achieve?

Enough Food For Everyone IF campaigners

Thanks to amazing supporters like you, the structural causes of hunger were at the very heart of discussions at the G8 summit this June.

IF campaign

Talking the talk

IF campaigners gather to spell out the word IF

A UK parliamentary committee has quashed a key piece of legislation that would have made the task of tackling tax dodging in poor countries much easier.

Keep up the pressure

Energy Bill fails to deliver

Climate justice now

24 June 2013 - Amendment to introduce a clean energy target is lost, but the fight for climate justice continues.

All is not lost

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