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Synod takes a stand on climate change

13 February 2014

We Brits love to talk about the weather. With driving rain, gale force winds and devastating scenes of families forced to abandon their homes; right now our weather is a hot topic more than ever.

Yesterday the Church of England General Synod didn’t just talk about the weather, they discussed our climate too.

With the Met Office saying that the recent rain, storms and floods are the kind of climate change the UK can expect in a warming world, we’re glad that the Synod has agreed to strengthen its position on climate change and create a Working Group on the Environment.

This is great news for people all over the world who are already suffering because of a changed climate.

Leading the movement

The motion, proposed by the Diocese of Southwark and supported by the Bishop of Sheffield among others, also includes a review of the Church of England's ethical investment policy on fossil fuels.

The Church of England is in a unique position to lead the movement to tackle climate change; not only is there a biblical imperative to protect the world’s poorest and to care for creation, but the Church Commissioners are also fortunate to have investments worth £8 billion.

With that wealth comes great responsibility, and an important opportunity to use those investments for good.

Crucial months ahead for climate justice

The next 18 months are an important time for the future of our world – the Intergovernmental Panel releases a major report next month with new data on the impact of climate change; Ban Ki Moon is organising a key summit in New York this September; and next year’s UN conference in Paris needs to see countries agree a fair and ambitious deal on emissions.

To build a movement capable of taking up the challenge of setting us on the right path, the Church needs to use its prophetic voice – speaking up for those who are suffering and living out a vision of a just future.

This is a great step on the journey to a fairer, safer world. Let’s keep our voices raised!

What you can do

Email David Cameron and Nick Clegg and ask them to keep to their climate commitments in Europe.

About the author

Sarah Rowe

Sarah Rowe is Churches Campaigns Officer for Christian Aid

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