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Christian Aid at tax inquiry

By Alasdair Roxburgh | 28 February 2012

Big Tax Return - Zambian miners

Update 1pm: Today, Christian Aid, along with our partner CTPD and Action Aid, gave evidence to the International Development Select Committee hearing on tax and development.

The three organisations gave evidence for an hour on a range of questions from MPs.

The star was Savior Mwambwa, who gave evidence for our partner the Centre for Trade, Policy and Development (CTPD) in Zambia. He highlighted that current tax rules favour rich countries over poorer nations and that this must change for the benefit of the poor.

Looking ahead, the select committee will continue to take evidence and will visit Zambia to look at the issues first hand before they complete their final report. When the report is published, we'll let you know what is said.

Why the inquiry is important...

This is a great opportunity for us to show politicians here in the UK why tackling tax dodging is crucial in the fight against poverty.

We're delighted to have a cross-section of MPs looking at the role tax can play in the development of poor countries.

We're even more delighted that Savior Mwambwa, from our partner the CTPD in Zambia, and our senior economic justice advisor Joseph Stead both had the opportunity to give evidence.

Joseph Stead says:

'Effective and efficient tax systems are a key way for countries to become free from dependency on aid.

'We therefore welcome the inquiry and hope that it will continue to raise the importance of this issue as well as provide the impetus for the government to do more to tackle tax dodging.'


The inquiry was shown live on  Parliament TV and Democracy Live at 10.30am on 28 February 2012.

Read our tweets via @christian_aid or our press release to find out more about the inquiry.

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