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Tax justice on Newsnight

By Alasdair Roxburgh | 23 February 2011

Monday night's Newsnight included a fascinating piece about companies and their tax payments. I really recommend you watch it on the BBC iPlayer while it's still available.

The focus starts 27.45 minutes in. There's a short video explaining how changes in tax rules in the UK are going to potentially benefit companies as well as covering the role tax havens play.

There then follows a panel discussion including Richard Murphy of the Tax Justice Network, one of Christian Aid's partners in the End Tax Haven Secrecy coalition.

Although Newsnight's focus was on the UK, the piece raises important questions about how multinationals operate around the world and their use of tax havens.


Watch now

Watch againAs I say, you can watch Monday's Newsnight again (if you're in the UK) on the BBC iPlayer - the feature starts on 27.45 mins.

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