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Introducing our new campaign to end tax haven secrecy

By Laura Trevelyan | 8 February 2011

In early December, a group of development agencies met in Brussels to plan working together on the issue of tax dodging at this year’s G20.

Now, less than two months later, we’re launching the global End Tax Haven Secrecy campaign at the World Social Forum in Dakar, Senegal.

Working as part of a worldwide coalition alongside the likes of ActionAid, Oxfam International and the Tax Justice Network, we are calling G20 leaders, who are meeting in France this November, to take effective action on the tax haven secrecy that keeps developing countries in poverty.

So why launch a campaign in February to get an issue on the agenda of a meeting taking place in November?

It's critical to act now as theG20 countries are already planning exactly what they wil propose in the autumn. At the moment there are no plans to take effective action to end tax haven secrecy.

Christian Aid estimates that developing countries lose $160bn every year, more than the global aid budget, thanks to some unscrupulous multinational companies dodging tax.

This money could be used to fund development, build schools, roads and hospitals, and eventually help developing countries break free from dependency on aid.

The G20 can be part of the solution to this but they need to act.

We are asking you to email not only David Cameron and Nick Clegg, but also French president Nicolas Sarkozy as he is chairing the G20 this year.

Don’t worry - our very clever website will let you email them all in one go. Sarkozy will even be sent the action in French!

Thanks for taking action with us, and please pass this action to your friends.


Take action!

Act now! Call on David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Nicolas Sarkozy to end tax haven secrecy at this year’s G20.


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Laura Trevelyan is our climate justice campaign manager

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