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Our climate finance chants have been heard in Lima

9 December 2014 | by Mariana Paoli

Since last week, our campaigners have been in full swing at the UN climate talks in Peru.  Joining forces with ACT Alliance members and southern partners, we are calling on world leaders to take bold action on climate change as part of our international campaign Act Now for Climate Justice.

We are upping the pace

Halfway through the two weeks of negotiations, the fog from the skies of Lima seems to have swept through the halls of the UN buildings as political progress appears slow.

However, we are upping the pace. Campaigners surprised delegates arriving at the negotiations venue on Friday morning with a stunt demanding funding from rich countries so that the poorest can adapt to climate change and continue to develop in a sustainable way.

Deliver climate finance

Campaigners asked delegates to add golden coins to the finance for adaptation pot, as they chanted ‘finance adaptation, climate justice now!’

In addition, ACT Alliance partner Roland Canda from the National Council of the Philippines spoke to the assembled journalists and delegates about the need for increased finance so that vulnerable communities who suffer the most from severe climate events can adapt.

Green Climate Fund is lacking

Rich countries must fulfil their promise to deliver new and additional (beyond aid) money to fulfil their commitment to deliver one hundred billion dollars a year by 2020.

Yet currently the Green Climate Fund, which was established to channel this money to the poorest countries to help them adapt and develop cleanly, not only lacks contributions, but fails to target adaptation for vulnerable and less developed countries.

Worsening climate crisis

Climate finance is increasingly needed as the climate crisis worsens. If we are to stay below 2°C as science requires, carbon cuts are urgently needed.

However, it will be extremely difficult for poor countries to achieve the global cuts needed without the financial support to achieve a low carbon future and become more resilient to the impacts of climate change to protect their citizens from disasters.

The fight continues

The Act Now for Climate Justice Campaign will continue to put pressure on decision makers in Lima during this final week of negotiations to deliver the foundations of a fair and ambitious deal that will be fleshed out in the next UN climate talks to happen in Paris, in December next year.

Add your voice to the campaign by signing the international petition here.

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Mariana Paoli

Mariana Paoli is Christian Aid's International Advocacy Adviser