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The wedding of the year: COP18 and Science exchange vows

By Mariana Paoli | 6 December 2012 

Christian Aid campaigners today called for the political action so crucial to addressing climate change. They joined forces with ACT Alliance members from Norway and Bolivia, and our partners CYEN (Barbados) and Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA), to act on behalf of the Time for Climate Justice Campaign.

In a good-humoured campaign stunt, a pretty ‘Science’ bride and a proud ‘COP18’ groom met in the corridors of the UN climate talks negotiations to be married - a celebration surrounded by the world’s media.

If we are to ensure a safer future for the planet, where the catastrophic impacts of climate change are stopped, science and politics must be joined in just such holy matrimony!

A man and woman dressed as a bride and groom in a campaign stunt, surrounded by the media

Inaction poses a threat

Despite a number of serious warnings from various institutions about the threatening consequences that an unambitious approach to tacking climate change may have, rich countries are yet to take any meaningful action.

This apathy continues to put the lives of millions of people, especially the poorest, at serious risk. 

There is still a significant gap between the amount of emissions that countries must cut - in order to prevent the catastrophic impacts of climate change - and actual global emissions.

Commitment to a safer future

Scientists warn that the current emission cuts pledged by governments are inadequate and set the world on a dangerous course.

The commitment to a safer future does not only mean we need significant emission cuts by developed countries. It also requires meaningful international action to help the poorest to adapt to climate change. They must also be supported to develop in a low carbon way. 

As the Doha climate talks enter the final stages, urgent action is needed to secure a good outcome.

In pictures: Marching in Doha for climate justice


Take action now and share your ideal world 2030.

For the latest updates direct from Doha, you can follow events on Twitter @T4CJ.

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