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A great year campaigning

By Alasdair Roxburgh, churches campaigns manager | 
6 December 2012

People standing outside the Tax Bus holding I Ticked for Tax Justice placards

Christian Aid partner Savior Mwambwa from Zambia joins supporters to call for tax justice as part of the Tax Justice Bus Tour in Oxford

Photo courtesy of: Richard Cave, Oxford Mail

With the Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics and much more, 2012 has been a memorable year. And it’s certainly been an eventful year for our campaigns.

Ticking for Tax Justice

Tax dodging has been all over the press this year, with politicians speaking out against it and companies’ tax affairs under scrutiny in the media. The movement for tax justice is growing.

It’s just over two years since the first UK Uncut protests captured headlines around the world.

Since then, a growing wave of anger has been expressed through protests and putting pressure on politicians. We’ve continued to push our campaign throughout the year – or perhaps we should say we’ve ‘driven’ it.

From August to October, our Tax Justice bus tour took our campaign across Britain and Ireland with huge success.

Five thousand people climbed aboard the bus, including dozens of church leaders. Over 10,000 of you Ticked for Tax Justice, calling on David Cameron to take action, while more than 60 MPs were lobbied.

Thanks to you, the message that tax dodging hurts the poor is being heard by those in power and we are beginning to see action!

Breaking news

As if all this wasn’t enough, we’ve just had news of another significant step forwards for tax justice. This is thanks to your pressure on Vince Cable to push for strong new EU laws that would help to tackle tax dodging. 

A climate of change

In June you asked the prime minister to show global leadership on poverty as he travelled to the Mexico G20 summit.

We celebrated in the UK when our demands for the mandatory reporting of carbon emissions were met. Nick Clegg announced a new policy that will force 1,600 of the UK’s biggest firms to publish their greenhouse gas figures.

Fired up by this success, we joined our friends at Stop Climate Chaos (SCC) to show the government that ‘Green is Working’ and to urge them to support a greener economy.

Regrettably the government has declined to set a target for decarbonising UK electricity. But all is not lost. The government is looking at alternative ways of decarbonising energy supplies and SCC will keep pushing for low carbon energy commitments in the Energy Bill.

Thanks to you, 2012 has been a great success…

2013 is set to be even better. We are uniting with other international development charities to speak with one voice, to tell our leaders that enough is enough and that strong action must be taken to address the structural causes of poverty and hunger.

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Alasdair Roxburgh is our churches campaigns manager

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