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Durban update: rich countries must deliver climate finance

By Mariana Paoli | 6 December 2011

It's the final week of negotiations at the UN climate talks in Durban, South Africa, and the conference centre is buzzing as ministers and head of states begin to arrive.

The campaigning is also going up a gear today: Christian Aid campaigners have joined forces with our partners from the Global North and South to call for climate finance:


Green climate fund

The Green Climate Fund must be filled by rich countries, so that the poorest countries are supported to develop cleanly and adapt to a changing climate.

Campaigners distributed money-shaped leaflets and shook empty buckets labelled 'Green Climate Fund' - highlighting that the fund is currently empty and we need the rich nations to commit to filling it.

The stunt attracted a lot of attention. Press from Sweden, Norway, Mozambique, China and South Africa were all filming the event.

Despite a long negotiation process, the pledges given by rich countries to provide new and additional funding (beyond aid) to poor countries has not yet been delivered. This threatens the lives and livelihoods of the world's poorest.

As the climate crisis worsens, poor countries increasingly need to make themselves more resilient to the impact of climate change to protect their citizens from disasters. However, all of this comes with a price tag.

Christian Aid will be at the UN talks for the rest of the week. Join our campaigners and demand climate justice:


Take action

Act now The UK's secretary of state for energy and climate change, Chris Huhne, is attending the talks. Please ask him to act in the interests of the world's poor. Email Chris Huhne now.

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