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We love Kyoto

By Sarah Whittington | 7 December 2010

I arrived in Cancun last night, and the clear message from the first week of negotiations seems to be all about the Kyoto protocol.

Japan shocked many people here and across the world last week when it announced it would not be signing up to a second commitment period of Kyoto.

The Kyoto Protocol is the world's only existing treaty that commits rich countries - those responsible for causing climate change - to cut their carbon emissions. 

If trust is to be built between developing and developed countries in Cancun, it is vital that the Kyoto Protocol is protected.

The real danger now is that other countries will shirk their responsibilities and follow Japan's lead. And once again, it will be people in the world's poorest countries who pay the price.

We love KyotoSo this morning the Time for Climate Justice campaigns team gathered outside the negotiating hall to ask the unfaithful lovers of Kyoto to show true commitment. 

We handed out tubes of Love Heart sweets emblazoned with the message I Love Kyoto, and this emotional message from the heart-broken protocol itself... 
Dear Unfaithful Lovers,

We have been in a relationship for 13 years. The last couple of years I have been waiting for you to recommit your love.Now I'm more afraid than ever.

I hear that some of you might be planning to leave me. But why and for whom? What's so attractive about the alternative? I know it hasn't been perfect, but I thought we had a legally binding commitment.

If you leave me, you're likely to end up in a new relationship without commitment, ambition and trust. However, I have no doubt it will be as hot as ever.

I hope you're able to change your mind and realize what we have together. I had hoped we together could secure future generations.

My biological clock is ticking. I can't wait any longer and I need the confirmation of your love here in Cancun.

Truly yours,

Kyoto Protocol

What you can do

Get the latest from Christian Aid and our global campaign partners in Cancun via the Time for Climate Justice website. 

Sign up to our International Photo Petition is a visual message to the world's most powerful decision-makers, calling for a fair and meaningful approach to tackling climate chaos.

Meanwhile, back in the UK, it's not too late to call on the government to deliver on David Cameron's pledge to make this government the 'greenest yet'. Email environment secretary Caroline Spelman

 About the author

Sarah Whittington

Sarah Whittington manages Christian Aid's climate change campaign