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Huhne - you're needed in Cancun!

By Matthew Cunningham | 8 December 2010

The UK government is apparently set to recall its main men in Cancun - right when they were poised to try and make the UN climate talks count for something.

Energy and climate change secretary, Chris Huhne, and climate change minister Greg Baker are preparing to return to Westminster, apparently to help shore up the government's vote on tuition fees in the face of a backbench revolt.

Chris HuhneHowever, just yesterday Huhne was asked to play a key role in the ongoing UN climate change summit, helping bridge the gap between delegates from rich countries and poor divided over the continued importance of the Kyoto Protocol

(Just to be clear, we love Kyoto.)

Earlier we joined forces with Oxfam, Greenpeace, Tearfund and WWF-UK in sending a letter to David Cameron and Nick Clegg, urging them to let Huhne and Baker complete the job they were sent to Mexico to do.

In Cancun, our senior climate adviser, Sol Oyuela, said: 'Chris Huhne being pulled out of Cancun at precisely the moment when his presence is so important to achieving a good result is terrible news.

‘The timing could not be worse. There are just a few days left for in which to achieve a badly-needed leap forward.

'The Mexican government specifically invited him to help take charge of some of the most vital but difficult elements of these talks.

‘To recall him now would suggest that the UK has a very disappointing sense of priorities when it comes to solving global problems.'

'Greenest government yet'?

David Cameron pledged to make his government the 'greenest yet'.

What do you make of its progress so far? Email environment secretary Caroline Spelman and ask to see some evidence to back up the promises. 

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