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Campaigns Blog - Durban Climate Talks

Posts from the UN climate conference in Durban, South Africa.

Durban disappointment - the fight goes on

Time for Climate Justice banner

11 Dec - The UN climate talks went into overtime with countries negotiating late into Saturday night, but sadly the outcome is very disappointing.


EU may kiss the bride!

Kyoto & EU for ever

8 Dec - Today Time for Climate Justice campaigners called on the EU to say ‘I do’ to the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol at COP17 - and staged a wedding to give them a hint.


'Vampire' countries told to stop sucking Kyoto dry

'Vampire' countries sucking Kyoto Protocol dry

The UN climate talks in Durban are now truly underway and the actions of some countries have been deeply disturbing. Like vampires, they are sucking the life out of the Kyoto Protocol.

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Durban update: rich countries must deliver climate finance

Campaigners call for climate finance

6 Dec - It's the final week of negotiations at the UN climate talks in Durban, South Africa, and the conference centre is buzzing as ministers and head of states begin to arrive.

Climate finance

'We did not come here to shop!'

Climate justice campaigner

5 Dec - In marked contrast to the sluggish progress of negotiations at the UN climate change talks over the past week, energy levels among demonstrators at Saturday's global day of action were high.


Kyoto: an SOS to the world

Kyoto stunt

29 Nov - The Kyoto protocol is the only legally binding treaty for cutting carbon emissions. That's why campaigners got their sea legs today and sent out an SOS to stop it from sinking.


Climate justice rally kicks off Durban talks

Durban rally

28 Nov - Christian Aid staff and partners are among thousands of delegates from across the world who have descended on Durban, South Africa, for the United Nations climate change talks that begin today.


Climate carollers give Huhne a seasonal send-off

Huhne carols

22 Nov - On the eve of the UN climate talks, our Stop Climate Chaos choir popped down with a musical reminder for the UK's man in Durban, energy secretary Chris Huhne.

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The road to Durban

Carvan of hope

17 Nov - The Caravan of Hope is headed for the Durban climate talks, travelling more than 4,000 miles through 10 countries, stopping off for climate marches, petition signings and rallies.

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