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Keeping to our climate commitments

1 August 2014

There’s been good news since our last fast; the UK government decided to leave the 4th carbon budget unchanged – thanks in part to the lobbying efforts of Christian Aid and other organisations.

Carbon budgets; sounds worse than dull, right? But it means we’re sticking to our commitment to reduce our carbon emissions as a nation by 50% by 2025 (compared with 1990 emission levels).

That’s worth celebrating!  It makes it more difficult for the government to backtrack on its commitments, shows other countries that Britain is willing to act, and gives confidence to organisations around the world.

Srinivas Krishnaswamy, who runs one of our partner organisations in India, said: ‘It is good to know that the UK Government is keeping to its commitment... We do hope that they are able to achieve this target and even exceed it. This would build confidence among developing countries.’

Will Cameron continue leading the way?

We hope this means that David Cameron will continue to show leadership at events later this year, and that he will attend the UN Meeting in New York in September, hosted by Ban-ki Moon.

But we’re not resting on our laurels yet – there’s still plenty more to do to make sure he lives up to his commitment of being the ‘greenest government ever.’

Keeping our voices loud

That’s why we need to keep making our voices heard. One way of doing this is through the monthly fast initiative.

By fasting on the first day of every month, you are joining a growing global movement of people who are making a personal commitment to push for action on climate change.

Remember to share the reasons for your fast with others, and find other actions you can take here.

A reminder of why we care

And if you need a reminder about why all this matters, here’s a little inspiration from The Climate Coalition which brings together over 100 organisations in the UK, including Christian Aid:


This blog post is part of a series for the monthly fast for the climate. Find out more.  

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