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New climate campaign launches at Greenbelt 2011

Woman holds a plaque at Greenbelt 2011By Laura Trevelyan | 30 August 2011

This weekend the Christian Aid campaigns team took to a field in Cheltenham to launch our new climate change campaign at the Greenbelt festival.

Hundreds of people took action at the Christian Aid tent by asking the UK government to live up to its promise to be the 'greenest government ever' when it represents us at the United Nations climate talks in Durban, South Africa, this November/December.

Our climate campaign

This year's UN climate talks are being held on a continent that knows only too well the impacts of a changing climate. The recent food crisis in East Africa is an example of how climate change can contribute to the increasing risk of disasters and food scarcity and highlights the importance of climate justice in the fight against poverty.

Partners in Africa

Christian Aid's African partners are mobilising campaigners across the continent to ensure they have a strong voice at these talks, and we're working in solidarity with them.

Our partners are planning a 'Caravan of hope' where campaigners from across Africa will travel through 10 nations en route to Durban, taking the message of climate justice to communities across the continent.

This year's UN climate talks are an important time for the world to agree on legally binding emission reductions and to agree to how we will fund the necessary climate finance for poor countries and empower poor communities to develop in a low carbon way.

What now?

Christian Aid has a vision of an ideal world where everyone is free from poverty. We know that to  bring this world into existence we need to take action to stop climate change, which is hitting the poorest people first and hardest.


Take action

Please join us by calling on Chris Huhne , the secretary of state for energy and climate change, to make sure the UK acts in the interests of the world's poor at the UN climate talks this November/December.


Take action



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