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Can Brazil lead on tax haven secrecy?

By Mariana Paoli | 11 August 2011

The campaign to End Tax Haven Secrecy is going truly global.

In Brazil, Christian Aid partner INESC has been pushing the campaign hard and achieved pretty much wall-to-wall coverage in the media – a fantastic achievement.

Brazil is one of the few developing country voices in the G20.

This means its voice is crucial in achieving an end to tax haven secrecy which contributes to allowing tax dodging by some companies to thrive.

It's just the latest encouraging news for our growing campaign.

Now, when the G20 meet in Cannes in November, we want to see these issues on the agenda  and we need nations like Brazil to be leading this.

The work INESC has done has been inspirational to see. To find out a little more, watch its campaign video which has subtitles in English.



Take action!

Act now!Call on David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Nicolas Sarkozy to end tax haven secrecy at this year’s G20.


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Mariana Paoli

Mariana Paoli is Christian Aid's senior international campaigns officer

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