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Taking the campaign straight to the PM

By Laura Trevelyan | 23 August 2010

I just wanted to salute Prudence Cahill, one of our intrepid Christian Aid supporters who lives in David Cameron’s Witney constituency.

The prime minister recently held a meeting at Prudence's church, High Street Methodist Church in Witney. 

Not wanting a great campaigning opportunity to pass her by, she seized the moment and handed him a postcard copy of our latest campaign action, urging Mr Cameron to deliver on his pledge to make his government the greenest ever.

'Ah, Christian Aid,' Mr Cameron replied. 'I know all about this.'

He then told her that he was meeting another constituent about these issues soon.

See - your campaigning works!

David CameronDavid Cameron knows all about our work even before we have handed in the action cards! Let’s keep up the pressure.

If you haven’t yet signed our letter to the PM you can do so here.

We will be handing all your actions in on the 20 October during our supporter day with the Reverend Jesse Jackson - have you booked your place yet?


 About the author

Laura Trevelyan

Laura Trevelyan is our climate justice campaign manager