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Are the government about to do a coal u-turn?

By Laura Trevelyan | 16 August 2010

For the first time in months I didn’t buy a newspaper on my way to work this morning (sleepily walked past the shop!).

So until I got in, I was oblivious to the news in the Guardian.

Apparently, the coalition government is not including an emission performance standard (EPS) in the upcoming energy bill.

Christian Aid supporters spent over a year campaigning on coal – specifically the proposal for a new coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth.

We pulled out the stops with this campaign. even created a Disciples for Justice choir and took our message in song to the Ed Miliband the then Minister for Climate Change (watch the video here).

ChimneyAs part of our campaign we and others in the Stop Climate Chaos coalition spent a long time talking to Conservatives and Liberal Democrats (who were then in opposition) to get them on board.

And we did! The two parties in the coalition both pledged support for an EPS to limit emissions from any new coal-fired power station.

It is even in the coalition agreement, yet it appears this promise is not going to be met anytime soon.

If the Guardian report is true then it is very worrying that they are not using the energy bill to include a provision to limit emissions from coal.

If the coalition is truly committed to being the greenest government ever then they must live up to their rhetoric and reduce UK emissions at the earliest opportunity.

A delay of a year (or more) until this is introduced could open the way for new coal-fired power stations being built without capturing any emissions.  This is no way to meet our emissions reduction target of 80% cuts by 2050.

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 About the author

Laura Trevelyan

Laura Trevelyan is our climate justice campaign manager