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Placards - putting the pain into campaigning

By Laura Trevelyan

In the run up to an event like the supporter day on 20 October, I spend an amazing amount of time sorting out placards.

At the moment, all ours are in a big box on the roof. That's where they went after The Wave climate change demonstration on 5 December 2009.

ActnowhomeAt the time, we were far too exhausted to even count them let alone strip the signs off their poles. Now I am starting to wish we had planned ahead...

Naturally, we recycle our placards – the wood for the poles is sustainably sourced and pretty expensive.

So, here I am, gloves on to resist the splinters, doing something we really ought to have done more than eight months ago!

Dismantling the old ones is just the beginning. We have to design and print new signs. And then there's the real fun of putting them all together.

We have even discovered a new ailment: placard claw. It's when you become unable to use a mouse or hold a telephone after making 3,000 placards for a massive demo. 

Splinters, staples in our fingers and a lot of mess awaits us.

Join us on Wednesday, 20 October and you can see the outcome of our labours!

And while you're here, watch this video of our preparations for The Wave last December. Our placards have a starring role...

 About the author

Laura Trevelyan

Laura Trevelyan is our climate justice campaign manager