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Fossil-fuel chain gang makes Bank deposit

By Clare Groves | 6 April 2011

Fossil fuel chain gang

This morning we handed in more than 10,000 campaign cards to international development secretary, Andrew Mitchell, calling on him to put pressure on the World Bank to phase out investment in fossil fuels in developing countries and support low-carbon development.

This is on top of the 12,000 messages that have already been flowing, online and offline, into DFID's offices over the past few months. And it's not too late to add yours!

We wanted to make sure Mitchell received them before he heads to the World Bank’s Spring Meeting next weekend.

It follows this week's news where we learned that the Bank is ‘bowing to pressure from ... campaigners to radically reverse its funding rules.’ 

So thank you all very much for taking action - your calls for climate justice are being heard in the corridors of power!

So, back to today, and once again, our fossil-fuel chain-gang donned their carbon manacles - at least it was a lot warmer than last time - and heave-hoed the boxes of campaign cards to DFID’s front door.

You can see more photos on Twitpic - and while we're talking social media, are you following us on @ca_campaigns yet?

We’ve made great progress so far. But the World Bank is consulting on its draft strategy until the end of June – so now is a key time to keep up the pressure.


Take action!

Act now! Email Andrew Mitchell, the development secretary, and urge him to help get the World Bank out of fossil fuels.


Clean up the World Bank!

World Bank fossil fuel loans are paying for poverty. Tell them to stop.

Act now!

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