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Campaigns round-up 2014

With every passing year, it seems there is more to reflect on and more inspiration to keep us striving for a better world.

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Look back at our campaigning in 2014

Campaigners taking part in the climate march in London

In the UK

Over 40,000 people marched through London on 21 September, demanding action to protect the people and places they love from the ravages of climate change.

Whether it was for the sake of long walks on the beach, our wildlife, our own grandchildren or our sisters and brothers around the world who have already been hit hard by a changing climate, love ruled the day.

And the Prime Minister appeared to take heed. In his speech to world leaders two days later, David Cameron made a clear link between global poverty and the need to tackle climate change.

One month later, over 200 churches up and down the UK united in prayer and action for our ‘Hunger for Justice’ weekend. Over 80 MPs were lobbied.

The climate change message is being heard louder than ever in the corridors of power.

Voltaire Alferez, climate campaigner from the Philippines, joined us for the weekend.

Read his reflection on his personal experience, the power of solidarity and his love for his son, Nicos.

Voltaire Alferez

Voltaire Alferez speaking at Sherwood Methodist Church.

Thanks in part to our sustained campaigning during ‘Hunger for Justice’ and earlier in the year, the UK government stood firm when others tried to water down EU carbon emissions targets.

In October the EU agreed to cuts of at least 40 per cent by 2030. This gives us a good basis for pushing for more ambitious targets in the future.

Meanwhile, we’ve launched the Green Light campaign to ensure our pension funds are invested in the world we want, rather than in risky fossil fuel projects that have the potential to ruin both our planet and our pensions.

A worldwide movement

And this isn’t just a UK movement.

Since Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines in late 2013, the global ‘fast for the climate’ has grown into a powerful movement for change.

Thousands of people, in the UK and many other countries, fast every month in solidarity with the victims of climate change.

Momentum is building...

From all the different initiatives around the world, one thing is clear: millions of us hold a vision of a better future.

Together we can show our love for the world by making changes in our own lives and campaigning for climate justice.

And when we campaign, we stand in solidarity with people in poor countries who are already bearing the brunt of climate change.

Whatever you choose to do to help combat climate change – eating less meat, making short journeys on foot instead of driving, writing to your MP - you can add your personal action to our ‘one million ways’ action counter.

Together we can create a movement our leaders cannot ignore.

A new law to create public registers of the real owners of companies in the UK is just a few months from being implemented.

This is something we should all be really proud of. It will now be much harder for tax dodgers to hide behind phantom firms in the UK.

Now the challenge is to ensure that public registers are created in other countries, including tax havens.

This year Christian Aid and fellow campaigners in other European countries have been pushing for a new law to introduce public registers across the EU.

And we were pleased that, late in the year, the European Union agreed to create a register of company ownership. Although not fully public, this is a significant step in the right direction.

Our Europe-wide ‘Stop Tax Dodging’ campaign will maintain pressure to ensure it's as effective as possible.

What about the tax havens?

Back in 2013 the UK’s Overseas Territories (OTs) – shady tax havens like Bermuda and the Cayman Islands - promised they would consult their citizens on the creation of public registers.

But none of them have shared or acted upon their findings.

During a UK government conference with the OTs in December, we made it clear that now is the time to unmask who owns companies.

While it's clear the Government is making tax a big issue, they're not doing enough - particularly in developing countries, where more tax revenue could mean the difference between life and death for many of the poorest and most vulnerable.

In a recent poll, four out of five British adults (78%) said it was important to them that large companies pay their fair share of tax in developing countries. With your help, we can make this happen.

Meme showing 78% of British adults said it was important to them that large companies pay their fair share of tax in developing countries

Next year we’ll be launching exciting new plans to challenge the Government to do more to bring about genuine tax justice.

Discover our tax campaign resources

And finally... If you ever needed proof that campaigning takes time and that it works, look no further than the historic vote in the House of Commons in December to honour a 40-year-old promise to spend 0.7% of the UK’s Gross National Income on international aid each year.

The Lords still need to debate the bill, but if it passes it will help save millions of lives each year.

It was partly down to the IF campaign that the Government committed to 0.7% in principle in 2013.

Following the vote in the House of Commons in 2014, we're now very close to getting this commitment enshrined in law.

And our supporters played a major part in this recent success by lobbying their MPs in the weeks leading up to the vote. MPs voted 146–5 in favour of the law.

Now we can stop talking about 'how much' aid and start talking about how to make aid more effective.

As our very own Head of Advocacy, Laura Taylor, observed: 'Putting our aid commitment in law also creates more space for a debate about how we can better tackle the root causes of poverty, such as tax dodging and climate change.'

Sneak peek at 2015

Plans are under way for a big event in London to challenge the newly elected Government to make climate change an absolute priority. We’ll send more details in the new year, but for now mark 17 June in your diaries.

A few months earlier, on 28 February 2015, we’re bringing people together to find out what our faith has got to do with poverty and public life, why politics matters and how we can create positive change through campaigning.

Find out more and get tickets


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