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10,000 and counting

September 2014: Up and down the UK, MPs and party leaders have been hearing calls to put action on climate change at the heart of party manifestos for next year’s General Election.

Over 10,000 actions have been taken by people like you and the noise has built steadily over the summer.

10k spelled out in action cards


We’ve heard back from the Green Party committing fully to tackling climate change in their manifesto.

Labour and the Liberal Democrats have also responded positively to our calls.

But we are yet to receive a response from other political parties.

Join us

Churches around the country will be holding special services and events focusing on climate change.

They'll be lobbying MPs about their parties’ climate commitments and hearing about the amazing steps our friends and partners in the global south are taking to combat climate change. 

We’ll be uniting in one prayer for those affected by climate change and to urge leaders to act justly and urgently in tackling it.

We still have time – but we and our politicians must act quickly.

Our prayers and actions this October can help transform our world and protect the things we love – we hope you can join in our hunger for justice weekend.

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