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Tackling climate change – what next?

At this crucial time for the world’s future, we need your thoughts.

Thank you for taking a moment to help us shape the next stage of our campaign for climate justice. 

We’ve come up with a few options for our future campaigning and we’d like you to help us decide where we should focus our efforts.

We have limited resources, so we can’t do everything. Please click on the voting buttons below to tell us which campaign idea you think has the most potential.

Graphic showing a wind farmThis campaign would call on our churches, our pension funds, our governments – and ourselves - to move money away from fossil fuels.

If we agree that burning fossil fuels is wrecking our planet and harming the world’s most vulnerable communities, we can’t continue to profit from this wreckage.

As well as campaigning to move money out of fossil fuels, we would also speak out and encourage public debate to put the spotlight on ethical investment and push for more funds for safe, clean and renewable energy.


Graphic representing community This campaign would focus on your local community. While global climate deals are struck at high tables like the UN, our politicians need to see mass movements of change to react and realise that this issue is a top priority.

If we show them that we are the majority and we care about tackling climate change, our leaders will push the issue up their agendas.

Standing in solidarity with the world’s poorest people, who are already impacted by our changing climate, we’d call on our churches and communities to ‘go green’ and shrink their carbon footprints.

Whether through switching to clean energy, lift sharing, or holding events to engage the wider community in the issues, together we can build the movement for change.


Graphic representing world leaders This campaign would call for more ambitious and binding carbon emission reductions.

We would use petitions, lobby meetings and stunts to challenge our government and the EU to up their commitments on renewable energy and carbon emission cuts.

In the run-up to the EU elections in 2014, the UK general elections in 2015, and crucial UN climate talks in 2015, these actions would leave our leaders in no doubt that tackling climate change should be at the top of their agendas.


Graphic of a question mark If you have a great idea for how Christian Aid could continue the fight for climate justice, please email us at campaigns@christian-aid.org

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Clare Groves

Clare Fussell is a campaigns officer for Christian Aid

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