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Take action: put the brakes on fracking

Stop fracking: no drill no spill

October 2013 | By Clare Fussell

When the government came to power back in 2010, they pledged to be ‘the greenest government ever’.

Admirable words indeed! How encouraging, we thought, that climate change was deemed such a crucial issue that it topped our leaders’ agendas. If only these noble words could be turned into firm action.

David Cameron is now showing support for the controversial process of fracking, or ‘hydraulic fracturing’.

Take action: call on David Cameron to put the brakes on fracking and champion clean energy instead > 

What is 'fracking'?

Fracking is the technique of extracting shale gas from deep underground. It is likely to entrench our country’s dependence on fossil fuels, and move investment away from the alternative – safe, clean and renewable energy for all.

Hardly the hallmarks of the greenest government ever.

Dependence on fossil fuels

Fracking is being used to justify up to forty new gas power stations in the UK, and this costly infrastructure could lock us into a high-carbon future for decades to come.

Yet we know that extracting new fossil fuel deposits is very likely to worsen climate change.

Just last month a major new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) presented the findings of thousands of climate scientists from across 120 countries and warned that the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere over the past century alone are unprecedented in at least the last 800,000 years.

Impacts of climate change

Christian Aid’s partners overseas tell us that they’re already suffering from the impacts of a changing climate. To protect their futures, and ours, we need our government to make policies that shift the UK towards clean, renewable energy supplies.


Take action now  

Please sign this petition from the Stop Climate Chaos coalition, asking David Cameron to reconsider his position on fracking and instead champion clean energy. 

Photo: courtesy of Bosc d'Anjou

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Clare Groves

Clare Fussell is a campaigns officer for Christian Aid

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